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State Question 820 Election Results: Oklahoma voters decide not to recreational marijuana, AP says

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Oklahomans on Tuesday overwhelmingly voted against State Question 820, which would have legalized recreational marijuana in the Sooner State.

State Question 820 failed with almost 62% of voters being against the measure. The "No" side received more than 349,000 votes, while those in favor of the state question totaled more than 216,000.

The Oklahoma State Election Board's website notes that the statewide turnout for the vote on State Question 820 was 25.35%.

Both sides of State Question 820 were outspoken on the issue.

Proponents said legalizing recreational marijuana would generate millions in tax revenue for Oklahoma and help expunge the criminal records of those with low-level offenses. Those against State Question 820 said it would have led to a rise in crime and violence and put children in harm's way.

The vote came almost five years after Oklahomans voted in favor of medical marijuana legalization. In October, Gov. Kevin Stitt set a date for early March when Oklahomans could decide whether to legalize recreational marijuana.


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