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Tensions grow between medical marijuana board and Iowa's only manufacturer over THC caps

Michaela RammDes Moines Register

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Iowa's state oversight board swatted down a pitch Monday to add another product type to Iowa's medical marijuana program — then berated what they view as one company's attempts to evade strict guidelines for cannabis use.

"If they want a recreational program, obtain one through the Legislature. Do not corrupt the medical board in your attempts to do so, which is what Bud & Mary's is doing," Dr. Robert Shreck, a member of the Medical Cannabidiol Board.

Bud and Mary's, Iowa's only medical cannabis product manufacturer, pushed back on the board's characterizations, saying it was simply asking the advisory board to approve a more affordable option for Iowans who need the program to alleviate their health conditions.

"I was a little taken aback by the comments that we were somehow corrupting the board," said Lucas Nelson, group president of Bud & Mary’s. "I didn't understand where that sentiment came from, and it seemed over the top for what the question at hand actually was."