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The drug threat to kids right now? It's pot, not fentanyl, Hudson Valley hospitals say

By Diana Dombrowski

Published March 6 2023

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Twice in recent weeks, 911 had to be called for Westchester high school students who had reactions to substances. Both times, there was speculation or rumors that fentanyl was the culprit.

But the likely cause was marijuana.

This was no surprise to experts who say that marijuana has quickly become a major health concern among minors, much more so than fentanyl, which remains a scourge to adults who use hard drugs.

With recreational marijuana now legal in New York and dispensaries starting to open, marijuana has quickly become so ubiquitous that many kids don't view it as a drug.

Dr. Jamil Rizqalla, associate medical director of the emergency medicine department at Montefiore Nyack Hospital, said that minors in the e