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Treez and Metrc Partner to Create the First Ever Global Product Catalog for Cannabis

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With a partnership with Metrc, Treez, the leading enterprise commerce technology platform for retailers, announced today the creation of the cannabis industry's first global product catalog. Ensuring accuracy and reliability, the Global Product Catalog will empower retailers with a trusted master database to deliver consistent product information and shopping experience across cannabis retailers nationwide. Through this partnership, Treez and Metrc will streamline the process of creating product information in Metrc, the existing source of truth for product information, while removing the need to upload and maintain data across downstream platforms. The collaboration not only reduces labor hours for operators, but also enhances the overall consumer experience by eliminating duplicates and inefficiencies associated with manual data entry.

As Treez Co-Founder and CEO, John Yang, says, "We want to provide retailers with a standardized product catalog that will help them gain a competitive advantage by reducing manual labor hours and saving them time and money." As a result of the Global Product Catalog, retailers can build a loyal customer base they can count on, resulting in increased sales and growing the entire industry.

By partnering with Treez, Metrc emphasizes the crucial role of the point of sale (POS) in the cannabis supply chain, ensuring seamless information dissemination throughout the cannabis ecosystem, creating a stronger industry. Creating an industry-wide standard model for sharing information requires the involvement of all retailers, brands, wholesalers and other POS providers and technology vendors. Treez is the lead partner in the Global Product Catalog initiative.

Metrc and POS systems are burdened with the cumbersome task of sourcing and entering intricate product details and lab results. Lack of uniformity not only increases labor costs for managing information across multiple platforms, but also negatively impacts consumer experience, resulting in sales losses. Streamlining the data entry process allows retailers to focus on customer service and strategic initiatives, fostering agility in a rapidly changing market.

As the cannabis sector expands and innovates, a Global Product Catalog will be crucial, said Metrc CEO Michael Johnson. “Beyond the immediate time-saving advantages for retailers, its far-reaching impact offers access to brand and product information, bolstering operations for businesses across the supply chain and elevating the consumer experience. Together with Treez, Metrc created a solution that fosters efficiency and empowers operators. This partnership was a natural fit.

About Treez

The Treez platform offers point-of-sale software, retail analytics, cashless payments, and integrated partner solutions to the highest volume retail operators in the biggest cannabis market states. Retailers can accelerate revenue growth, boost operational efficiency and increase profit with Treez's innovative technology.

With its extensible open API platform, you can integrate it seamlessly into e-commerce, delivery, customer relationship management, marketing, loyalty programs, accounting, and ERP solutions. With a dedicated client success team and 24/7 customer support, retailers have everything they need to succeed.


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