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Virginia Adult-Use Market Launch Scrapped With Uncertain Future

Recreational marijuana developments are currently taking center stage on Virginia’s political front, with the adult-use market stalled indefinitely. Thanks to that, Virginia citizens now have no choice but to turn to alternatives from either the traditional market, hemp-derived sources, or growing their own cannabis at home.

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Should’a, Would’a, Could’a

This stalling of the adult-use market could have been prevented if the then-Democratic-controlled General Assembly had been in power, the legalization bill sent to former Governor Ralph Northam had taken center stage, and a more robust framework had passed.

It was during this time that adult-use marijuana was initially passed, and when Democrats should have created said regulatory framework. However, the confidence that they would be in power beyond elections and be able to address it then, would see them unable to see the process through to fruition.

While the law passed in early 2021 allowed Virginians to not only possess but cultivate up to four plants and saw the possible start of recreational sales in early 2024, the law still required the reenactment of legislation provisions at the time. In the interim, Republicans regained control of the governor’s office and House of Delegates, and these likelihood of success for these measures dimmed significantly.