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Volunteers get high to help train officers in Maryland

Police are concerned recreational marijuana in Maryland will mean more impaired drivers. Spotting them takes training.

Author: Casey Nolen

Published: 11:59 PM EST January 26, 2023

Updated: 11:59 PM EST January 26, 2023

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MONTGOMERY VILLAGE, Md. — Call it 420 with the 5-0?

"Smoking with the police," said Khiry Maxberry.

Thursday night, he and a dozen or so other medical marijuana card holders volunteered to consume cannabis at the Montgomery County Police Department Training Center to help train officers how to spot what it looks like when someone is stoned.

"I think it's very hard to tell how high somebody is and how that may affect their motor skills," said Maxberry, as he rolled and smoke a joint in a tent outside the facility with the other volunteers and officers. "If this is to help shape that, then I think that's more understandable," he said of the training.