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You can now buy cannabis at NYC’s weed museum—you just can’t use it there

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Until now, there's been just one thing missing at NYC's new weed museum—cannabis itself. But as of this month, museum-goers to the House of Cannabis (THC NYC) can buy cannabis products at the cultural venue, even though they can't use actually those products onsite.

The museum, located in Soho, has installed kiosks at which patrons can order cannabis products through Union Square Travel Agency: A Cannabis Store. They'll place their order, then the products will arrive at the museum within an hour. Think of it like placing a to-go order.

Union Square Travel Agency is known for its extensive selection of cannabis products, from edibles to flower to tinctures. The museum's onsite kiosk mirrors the experience of visiting the store but within the immersive environment of THC NYC.

For the dispensary, the partnership is a natural fit, Paul Yau, CEO of Union Square Travel Agency said in a statement.

"We've been a fan of the House of Cannabis since it opened, and like us, they want their guests to explore the cannabis plant, products, and community in the most memorable and educational way possible," he continued. "Helping people navigate impactful cannabis experiences is what we’re known for, and offering delivery to THC guests is a great example of how cannabis hospitality will look moving forward."

Even if you can't partake onsite, the newly opened museum offers an extremely trippy experience. Inside the museum, which opened this spring, expect to find The Euphorium, a musical adventure; The Joint, a rotating art show; The Olfactory, an aromatic experience; The Hypnodrome, a brainwave video; a munchy-minded cafe and lots more.

While THC NYC boasts plenty of mind-bending multi-sensory bells and whistles, it also showcases art, highlights science and confronts the social justice issues baked into cannabis prosecution. The museum, the first of its kind at this scale, packs every inch of its four-story, 25,000-square-foot space at 427 Broadway with fascinating facts and delightful immersive experiences fit to entertain both tokers and non-smokers alike.

In addition to the exhibits on-site, THC NYC plans to unveil music events, film screenings, a joint rolling masterclass and a new activation called the "Hotbox Experience." Plus, they'll host talks on social justice and reform, as well as on health and wellness. Here's the list of upcoming events.

While guests wait for their cannabis orders to arrive, they can explore the exhibits at the museum, shop in the gift shop or grab a bite in the cafe. Museum tickets start at $35, but museum admission is not required to use the kiosks.


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Vic Parise
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